Artist Statement

Discovering hidden treasure inspires, energizes, and engages me. Seeing the playful or dark possibilities lurking in a junk pile, dumpster, recycle bin, sidewalk "free" pile or farm field turns me towards my vow to save all beings: Every thing I touch, at some point, was soil, rock, plant or animal on this beautiful planet—a small blue marble floating in vast space.

Discards, detritus, found and gifted objects are my raw materials. Transformed by coiling, weaving, stitching, dyeing, shredding, sewing, and tearing, each piece offers a new story while honoring a previous life. This way of working reflects the Shinto principle that objects have souls.

Rarely beginning with a fixed idea, I listen with my hands and heart to what wants to emerge: the materials become the muse. Results may be beautiful, disturbing, or both. My intention is to evoke appreciation for what is, and spark curiosity and hope for what may be possible.

Creative capital is everywhere—look for it, give it a good home, inquire further.

Honoring Indra’s Net

Everything is connected to everything else. I honor the interdependence of all beings by giving back some portion of the proceeds from the sale of my art to organizations sustaining the web of life that supports us all.

Each artwork identifies the organization by name and the donation amount they will receive.

About My Portfolio

I have arranged my work into the following categories:

TURTLE: The oldest Native American symbol for Planet Earth. She carries us on her sturdy body—let us give back to her as she has so generously given to us.

OTTER: Curious, playful, always on the move, exploring new realms, challenging boundaries.

DRAGONFLY: The winds of change & transformation, offering messages of wisdom and enlightenment.

PUMA: Gives the courage to speak truth to power, to respond with wisdom and compassion to what is before us.